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This page is dedicated to the Young People of St Petroc's

Children and Young people’s discussion group  “Super Stars”

Children and Young People’s Discussion group will run every other Friday at 5pm for 30 minutes – at present by zoom.

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Meetings  are:- October 9th, 23rd – November 13th, 27th all at 5 – 5.30pm by zoom 

We invite you to make a donation to
The Children’s Society as part of our Christingle services,
13th and 24th December 2020

Welcome to our “Kids page” which has a number of resources and activities for children, aimed at making God more real to them,
whilst at the same time having fun!
we haven’t viewed/tried every one of these resources, so can’t vouch for their content or quality, but they all come recommended.

Kids Praise can be found in great quantity on You Tube

Bible App for Kids – for 6-8 year old is an interactive App with Bible Stories, and activities and games.HERE

Superbook App – for 9-11 year olds is an interactive App with stories, games, thoughts, and activities.HERE

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bible for kids

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Our next SPARX session is on Saturday 16th January, starting at 4pm.
The Great SPARX Bake Off! We will be making cupcakes and you will need the following ingredients:
60g caster sugar 60g butter or margarine
1 egg 60g
milk 110g
self raising flour Plus one of the following – choose your favourite:
30g sultanas, raisins cherries or mixed fruit
1tsp vanilla or almond extract
1tbsp lemon, orange or lime zest Or replace 1.5 tablespoons of flour with cocoa powder.
Or maybe you have another idea?

Please have all the ingredients measured out and in separate containers before the session begins.
But make sure you don’t mix any of them before we start!
The quantities given above will make 6-7 cupcakes.
If you want to make a larger batch, feel free to increase the quantities appropriately. ””’

You will also need a mixing bowl, wooden spoon and cupcake cases and baking tray.
So if you don’t usually attend SPARX but would like to this time, do let us know; contact Barbara 01364 716192.


 The story of the ascension of Jesus

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Pentecost story

Click Here

The Prodigal Son

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Walk in the light

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My God is a Great Big God

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Children’s Service – Watch Again

Christingle at St. Petroc’s and St. Mary’s 2020

St Petrocs Children's Service

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