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This page is dedicated to the Young People of St Petroc's

Welcome to our “Kids page” which has a number of resources and activities for children, aimed at making God more real to them,
whilst at the same time having fun!
we haven’t viewed/tried every one of these resources, so can’t vouch for their content or quality, but they all come recommended.

Kids Praise can be found in great quantity on You Tube

Bible App for Kids – for 6-8 year old is an interactive App with Bible Stories, and activities and games.HERE

Superbook App – for 9-11 year olds is an interactive App with stories, games, thoughts, and activities.HERE

"click image to download - Bible app"

SPARKPower! Join us for our next SPARX session on Saturday 22 August starting at 4pm.
As usual, we’ll begin with a craft. Then we’ll give you a couple of things to do or think about whilst we take a 15minute break.

At 4.45pm we’ll reconvene to find out how you got on and to have a short interactive talk.
This month we will be constructIng a working water-powered crane!

Note that you will need to do some preparation before the event as well as collecting all the items listed: Two similar plastic round coffee jar lids about 7 cm diameter or more.
PREPARE THEM by drilling a hole in the centre of each one big enough to be a tight fit for a Biro to be pushed though – this may need some parental assistance One Biro pen at least 13 cm long Masking tape about 2.5 cm wide Sellotape about 2 cm wide One Lego or Duplo base plate about 10 x 20 cm or more if necessary Enough Lego or Duplo bricks to build a tower about 21 cm high and 3 x 6 cm at the top, + a few small spare bricks About 30 cm of cotton thread One paper clip Kitchen weights say 20g, 50g and 100g or 20p coins, which weigh 5g each. You can use other coins too, of course, but you’ll need to check online to find their exact weight.

(If using coins, you’ll probably need a small plastic bag to put them in.)
One Bulldog grip big enough to grip each of the kitchen weights in turn, or to grip the bag of coins.

Drawing pins Stout scissors One empty rinsed plastic milk bottle 1 pint or 500 ml A block of wood (as backing for when pushing drawing pins through thin plastic) FURTHER PREPARATION NEEDED: one pre-cut strip of plastic sheet from a yoghurt pot, for instance, about 3.5 x 8 cm.

Thank you, Barbara



 The story of the ascension of Jesus

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Pentecost story

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The Prodigal Son

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Walk in the light

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My God is a Great Big God

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