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Thursday 23rd September 19:02

Community Broadband

Do you need faster, more reliable broadband?

We are working with broadband suppliers to help communities get faster connections to homes and businesses.

We want to hear from people keen to improve their broadband and those who would like to help drive the project forward.



Friday 22nd October at 10:00



w/c Sunday 24th October 2021


    Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me. Mark 10 v47

The gospel story this week is of the healing of blind Bartimaeus.
He sat by the roadside, and of course couldn’t see when Jesus was passing, he couldn’t run up to him and touch Him as others had done, or stand and confront Him.
Instead he shouted repeatedly “Jesus Son of David, have mercy on me.” We read that some people round about got cross with all his shouting and told him to be quiet.
But he wouldn’t – he was so desperate for Jesus’ help that he wouldn’t be silenced. And instead shouted even louder.

Bartimaeus’ cry is similar to a prayer practised within then Eastern Orthodox tradition called the Jesus prayer.
It is a rhythmic and repeated chanting of the words “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”
This repeated plea can sound strange to Western ears.
But here, on the lips of this blind man, it is a bold, hopeful, determined cry for healing and transformation.

It is clear from the gospel stories that Jesus loves a faith that takes Him on, so to speak.
He teaches us to ask, knock and seek.
We need to balance a boldness that dares to step out in faith, with need for humility.

Bartimaeus has a lot to teach us about being bold in our faith.
His is not the lowered mumbled prayer, but a faith shouted aloud, crying out for what he cannot see but longs for, despite those who tell him to be quiet, to stop wasting his time.
Sometimes we need to be like Bartimaeus, to boldly proclaim our faith, to come before God crying out our prayers, to ignore those who tell us its all a waste of time or to quieten down in God’s presence.
The Psalms are full of times when David shouted out to God, asking for His help.
We too need to shout out sometimes, asking for help – for ourselves, for those we love, for our world, and not give up.
Because the incredible thing is that Jesus heard Bartimaeus, and the man’s prayer was answered.



  1. An opportunity to explore our faith. I warmly invite anyone who would like to explore the basis of their faith more to join us at our confirmation classes – these are open to people who have already been confirmed but would like to think more about what the Christian faith is all about, as well as those who are interested in being confirmed, and those who do not wish to be confirmed at this time but would like to be part of the discussion.
    The sessions for adults (there are separate sessions for young people) will be held on the following Saturday mornings October 23rd, 30th, 6th and 13th, at 10.00am -12.30pm (with coffee and cakes to keep us going) in the church room at St Petroc’s, S Brent.


  1. Songs of Praise – Sunday October 31st at 9.30 at St Petroc’s. We will be having a Songs of Praise service for our fifth Sunday service this month.If you have any favourite hymns you would like to sing, please do let me know.
    Also, if you would like to join the choir for the occasion, please contact Richard Stevens, as it would be lovely to have a strong choir to support us.


  1. All Soul’s service October 31st 4pm St Petroc’s. We will holding a short reflective All Soul’s service in which we can remember those we have loved but who have died.


Diary for the week:


Sunday October 24th              St Petroc’s Holy Communion at 9.30am by zoom and telephone

Telephone: – 0203 481 524;
Enter the meeting ID: 854 2111 1777#
when asked for ID press # to continue;
Password is: 682526#

 Zoom: – 854 2111 1777,
password CHURCH


          St Mary’s Holy Communion at 11.15am


Wednesday October 27th        Thought for the week at 10am by zoom and telephone (details on website)


Friday October 29th               Morning Prayer at 9am by zoom and telephone (details on website)

                                                Pastoral Visiting Team meeting 3pm church room


Saturday October 30th          10 am Confirmation class for adults – open to all in the church room


Sunday October 31st              St Petroc’s Songs of Praise at 9.30am by zoom and telephone

                                                St Petroc’s All Souls Service at 4pm

                                                5pm Confirmation class for young people in the church room



In our prayers this week we pray:

  • For our Mission Community, for  Gina our Team Vicar, Laura our Team Curate, PCCs, retired Ministers, Readers,Church Wardens and all those who support them in their work
  • For the businesses, traders and services that help to keep the villages so vibrant.



 Blessed Lord, who caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning:

help us so to hear them, to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest them

that, through patience, and the comfort of your holy word,

we may embrace and for ever hold fast the hope of everlasting life,

which you have given us in our Saviour Jesus Christ,

who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.



Wishing you all God’s blessings and know you are in my heart and in my prayers

Rev Gina


Step 4 and what this means for our churches

As you know we have now moved to Step 4 in the government’s COVID plan.
The approach taken by government in this step is to remove most coronavirus legislation but to promote guidance that emphasises the personal and corporate responsibility of individuals and organisations to protect others and themselves.
This is being done at a time when vaccination rates are rising, but so are levels of COVID.
So the overarching message from government is for caution.

The national Church of England has made it clear that the responsibility for making decisions about how to proceed lies with the incumbent.
This applies to acts of worship and to events run by the PCC or church community.
I am very aware that there will be different views and perspectives, and would ask that we remember that we are the body of Christ, and as such need to be very mindful of others and their concerns.
I would ask therefore that we respect each other’s decisions at this time, including those of your Vicar!

What is being proposed I hope offers everyone a way of beginning to make the gradual transition back towards pre-pandemic ways of worshipping, whilst showing consideration for others.

With this in mind, and having had discussions with a number of people in our churches, I am advising the following as we meet together to worship:-

  1. Face mask are no longer required legally.
    However the government has stated that it “expects and recommends” that people wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed settings to protect themselves and others.
    I would therefore encourage you to consider continuing to wear a face mask for indoor worship, particularly in those churches with larger congregations, and/or less ventilation and space; and for singing (see point 3).
  1. Social distancing is no longer legally required.
    However some people may wish to continue some form of social distancing, and we will endeavour to accommodate people’s preferences.
    Each church is thinking through how they might do this, so please do be guided by the stewards/sidespeople locally.
  1. Hand sanitisation facilities will be available, and you are encouraged to use them as before.
  1. We can now sing again as congregations, which I know we have missed. However, we know that some activities like singing can also increase the risk of catching or passing on coronavirus.
    Wearing face masks and good ventilation are things that can help us to sing more safely.
    I would therefore encourage you to consider wearing a face mask for singing, particularly in those churches with larger congregations, and/or less ventilation and space.
    Churches will be looking at how to maximise ventilation, such as keeping the doors open where possible.
  1. Holy Communion will continue to be offered in one kind (the bread), and there will be no sharing of the Common Cup.
  1. We will continue to live stream the 9.30am service from St Petroc’s on a Sunday for those unable to attend church in person.
  1. The government is asking that venues do continue to ask people to register for venue check in (the QR code) as it will continue to form one of the main ways of them identifying people who may have been exposed to coronavirus.
  1. Coffee can be served after services as there are no longer any restrictions on serving food and drink, and people no longer have to be seated in their households or bubbles to eat and drink.
    Government guidance that face coverings are expected and recommended in crowded and close-contact settings should be taken into account.
  1. Some of our churches will be opening more frequently dependent on local circumstances and practices – please check with your Churchwardens.

I hope this note provides some help and reassurance.
Please do continue to take care for yourself and for others.
I realise that there is likely to be a range of feeling about risk, both to ourselves and to others, and would ask for your patience, understanding and support as we attempt to move forward together as the body of Christ.

Wishing you all God’s blessings



Friday 16th July at 15:18

Dear Friends and churches who have supported the Thungururu project

This is the latest news about the project.
It shows what a difference the ‘Farming God’s Way’ sustainable methods are making in this increasingly drought-affected area.

I hope you will be really encouraged that your gifts have made a huge difference in many people’s lives, and that the project is continuing to reach more and more people.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.
Obviously this last 18 months has been very difficult for us all and our friends in Thika need our prayers particularly as the pandemic continues to rage across Africa.

With best wishes

Jane Inwood, Thika Link secretary


Sunday 27th September at 11:55

Here are some pictures at the ordination service of Laura and Mark at St Lukes today 27th September.